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Daily Routine! Tuesday ESOL Endorsement SY2021-22. Welcome to our Daily Routine Portal! A daily routine is an effective means of organizing your work and personal life. It provides a highly efficient way to achieve maximum efficiency and to handle a variety of daily situations. It is therefore an essential part of any work or personal life. The best daily routine often has the following characteristics: 1. A number of different but related items 2. Routine lasts for a fixed period of time (approximately 16 hours) 3. It begins with some routine actions that people often consider to be part of their “normal” routine 4. It ends with a “clean-up routine” that people often do in the late afternoon/early evening. In this section you will find examples of daily routines in the following types of context: 1. Training and education context (Primary, Secondary and Post-Secondary) 2. Professional life context 3. Personal life context 4. Organizations 5. Organizations and environmental context 6. Organized group activities 7. Education and learning activities 8. Individual learning activities We hope that these will inspire you to come up with your own daily routine. In the daily routine examples you will find people with different national and cultural backgrounds: Some users will be able to speak and write English at a level that matches their knowledge. But there will also be a group of users for whom English is a second language. These users can be international migrants or students who have been in the UK for some time but may be starting to study English in preparation for their school or higher education exams. We do not want to assume that you already have a good level of English. The Daily Routine Portal is for those who wish to improve their English and who wish to develop their foreign language skills in a way that is effective and fun. The Daily Routine Portal also contains examples from business and industry for managers, trainers, teachers and others in the private sector. We are aware that these users will have additional demands on their time. But we hope that the Daily Routine Portal can be of help to those who are working on a daily basis. Note: There are links to download the Daily Routine Portal on PDF. If the PDF file does not open, it will download as an MHT file. Click on "Open" to open the PDF file.




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Warblade132Trainer jaimwal
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